Thursday, November 16, 2006

The Magic of Books

I can not say this enough ... I LOVE Harry Potter. Love the books love the movies love, love, love. Nothing but Love for Harry Potter.


I'm so glad you asked!

Because when sad, when gloomy, when not feeling like doing much of anything, Harry Potter brings me back. Harry always, 100% of the time makes me happy. He distracts me with his vividness and his amazing world. I love him. He's the best 16 year old fictional buddy a girl could ask for.

The books are engaging. They are entertaining. They have created characters of depth with meaning. I say they ... JK Rowling has created characters with depth that touch us all.

And why do I write this now? Because news of Book 7 is quick on the horizon. I say quick ... it could be weeks or months before we hear anything new ... but that's a far cry from the year I've been waiting. Nearly two years I'd guess now. I'm not sure.

Either way - the final chapter in Harry's world is fast upon us. And I have a few thoughts on what I hope it contains.

1. I know that JK is threatening to kill Harry. This for a number of reasons - first among them, it limits the possibility of other writers cashing in and writing additional novels after JK's done. But I really, truly, truly with all my heart hope that she does not do that. HP is a childrens novel, first and foremost. And while I know we adults love and adore him and understand adult concepts like dying for ones beliefs, I'm not entirely sure the gaggle of 11-13 year olds who also follow Harry should have to endure losing their buddy too. I don't think I could part with him either. I cried when Dumblydore passed.

2. I want Dumbledore back. :) I know, I know. But it could happen. A horcrux, an animagus, some sort of pheonix from the ashes type bit ... it could happen. Make it happen JK!

3. I want to figure out Professor Snape. He saved him in the first one for a reason. Was it really the first one? Good Land we've come along way! But I know him to be good. I know him to be a spy for the good guys. I know Dumbledore trusted him for a reason and Dumbledore is not wrong. Ever. Dumbledore is awesome. I miss Dumbledore. Please see #2 again, JK, as I know my wishes have weight with you. And you're an avid reader of Bells For Stacy. :) Hahaha, I make myself laugh.

And that's all my requests. I don't think it's too much to ask for the Boy Who Lived to continue living, for Dumbledore to come back through a horcrux or as a pheonix or he's an animagus or what have you, and for Professor Snape to be the good guy I know him to be. That's not too much. Not at all.

Oh, and You Know Who must die.

But we all knew that.

I wish I was like Meryl and had a great site with all sorts of cool stuff. But I don't. I'm tempted to start one but I know it would fail miserably as I'm not nearly educated enough in the HP underground. Anyway - you should check out Meryl's great site. Its fantastic. And it gave me hope that HP 7 might be with us by summer time. What a joyful, and sorrowful day that will be. Because as excited as I am to hear the end of the story, I will be so sad to see Harry finished with school, and his adventures over.

The miracle of books ... I can re-read them all over, and over and over again and my imagination can carry Harry with me. I will read these books to my children, and we will all love them together. Do we think Mavvy would sit still long enough for me to read them to her? Do we think Mavvy understands enough English? Haha. I make myself laugh again!

I think I'll re-read 5 and 6 again. If I can do it without crying.